IUD/IUS Insertions:


An IUD/IUS (intrauterine device/intrauterine system) is a t-shaped device that is the most effective type of birth control. It is put into your uterus by the doctor by going through your vagina and cervix. These devices are made of flexible plastic and have 2 thin plastic strings that hang out of the cervix. They are very small, a little more than 1 inch in width and length.


The main ways that an IUD works is to prevent fertilization. An IUD cause changes inside the uterus that affects the movement of sperm and prevents fertilization.


Currently in Canada, there are two categories of IUDs: 

1. Hormonal IUDs: Jaydess®, Kyleena® and Mirena® ​ *click on the logo of the IUD for more information*

2. Non-Hormonal IUDs: Copper IUD (MonaLisa® *available for purchase at Women's Vita)

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  • Highly effective: Copper (99%) II Mirena (99.8%) Kyleena (99.7%) & Jaydess (99.6%)

  • Continuous protection for up to 3 years (Jaydess) or 5 years (Copper, Mirena & Kyleena) 

  • Can be used by people with previous issues with estrogen (such as migraines with aura, mood changes...etc.) 

  • Private and discreet

  • Does not affect fertility (as soon as it is removed, periods and ovulation returns to normal)

  • Can be removed at any time by a doctor

  • Cheaper (over time)


  • An internal/pelvic exam is required to insert an IUD

  • There is often brief discomfort (cramping) during insertion

  • Potential increased menstural cramping and blood flow with Copper IUDs

  • Potential for irregular bleeding for a few months after insertion of Mirena, Kyleena and Jaydess

  • IUDs do not provide any protecting against STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). The use of condoms with an IUD is recommended to reduce the risk of STIs.



Please arrive 20 minutes early to your appointment, bring your BC Care Card, be prepared to fill out a consent form and provide a urine sample. Often times, an IUD may require two appointments. First appointment is for education and to ensure you are confident in using the IUD safely. The second appointment (the IUD insertion) will last for about a hour, although the actual insertion process will take about 5 minutes. Please abstain from unprotected intercourse for 2 weeks prior to insertion. It does not matter at what time during your cycle you get the IUD inserted. You are able to get it inserted during your period. You should not get an IUD if you have recently had an infection that can spread to your uterus and other nearby organs (called "pelvic infections". STIs such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can cause pelvic infections.


  • Prior to insertion, you will have time with nurse and doctor to ask whatever questions you need in order to feel confident about the insertion 

  • A speculum is inserted into your vagina, the doctor will check in your vagina, cervix and may test you for STIsYour cervix will then be stabilized with a instrument and your cervix will be dilated so the IUD can be inserted. With the use of a special inserter, the IUD will be placed through the opening of your cervix and into your uterus. 

  • The procedure usually takes less than 5 minutes.

  • During the procedure you will experience cramping and some discomfort. After the insertion, the cramping will subside. 


Some people feel dizzy during or right after the procedure. We recommend that you have someone come to the appointment with you so you do not have to drive or go home alone. It is recommended to give yourself time to relax after the procedure. You will likely feel some discomfort or slight cramping after the IUD is put in your uterus. Women who have not had a baby often experience more discomfort than women who have had a baby. These cramps generally go away within a day. You will be asked to come back 4-6 weeks for a follow up appointment to ensure the placement of the IUD is appropriate. 


  • A prescription from the Doctor is needed in order to get an IUD. If you are getting an IUD inserted at Women's Vita, we prefer to prescribe it for you to ensure you are getting the correct one.

  • If you have a family doctor, please request a referral to our clinic for a Birth Control Consultation/IUD Insertion/Consultation, if you do not, you can give our nurse a call and book an appointment. 

  • We offer consultations with the Nurse and Doctor in order to find out what kind of IUD is perfect for you.

  • Call the clinic and speak to the Nurse to book an insertion for an IUD (250)-591-9812, ext. 3

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