Preconception Counselling & Management:

Preconception counselling identifies social, behavioural, and environmental risks that may interfere with your pregnancy. By addressing these issues before you get pregnant you can improve your changes of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy, delivery and child. These consultations allow you to discuss any risks you are concerned about and we can provide any education, counselling and interventions necessary. If you are struggling to get pregnant, we can do investigations such as lab work, ultrasounds and give you information regarding genetic testing. 

If you are considering getting pregnant, it is always a good idea to have a discussing with a doctor beforehand, especially if you have certain health condition, are on medications, have a history of miscarriages, have a family history of genetic disorders. Almost all women can benefit from preconception counselling, it ensures that you, your body and your lifestyle is prepared for pregnancy. 

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