Checklist for Bladder Health

Because bladder leaks can start slowly, symptoms can become just part of your “normal” life. But, leaks are not normal.  If you answer yes to even one of the questions below, you may be a candidate for TempSure™ Vitalia.

  1. When you are away from home, do you always locate the nearest restroom wherever you go?

  2. Do you wear pads to protect against leaks?

  3. Do you have accidents before you can get to the bathroom, even if it is nearby?

  4. Do you plan your clothing around your leakage issues, (wearing loose clothing, carrying extra clothing and pads)?

  5. Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh?

  6. When you lift heavy objects, do you leak urine?

  7. Do you leak urine or feel pressure if you are standing or walking for an extended time.

  8. Do you have a sudden urge to urinate and find yourself running for the bathroom?

  9. Do you skip some activities due to bladder leakage?

  10. Do you have to urinate more frequently than you used to?

Image by Andrew Tanglao

Bladder leaks are common for women. Any small movement such as sneezing, coughing, lifting, running, etc. can trigger a leak. Because many women think this is a normal as they age, they don’t discuss it with their doctor.  Treatments are available, so don’t think you are alone and suffer in silence.


Stress incontinence results from activities that add pressure (stress) to your bladder. If you leak when you stand, laugh, sneeze, etc., you have stress incontinence. According to the National Association for Continence, 33% of women over age 45 and 50% over age 65 struggle with leaks upon bladder pressure.  Childbirth, age and being overweight are some of the common causes of stress incontinence.  The good news is that treatment is available to cure or improve drastically bladder leaks from stress.

TempSure™ Vitalia May Be Your Answer for Bladder Leakage

Vaginal tissue can change over time. Hormone changes due to pregnancy, aging or even birth control can result loosen your vaginal muscles and skin. TempSure™ Vitalia is a radiofrequency treatment that can improve local circulation. This FDA-approved non-surgical vaginal tightening procedure can reduce or eliminate bladder leaks.

If bladder leaks are interfering with your life, it’s time to turn that around. Call or schedule a consultation with Dr. Armas for a customized treatment plan. It’s time to get back to the life you enjoy.