MonaLisa Touch® is a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment to restore feminine health.

  In office procedure    Requires no anesthesia    Minimal side effects    No downtime 

  Symptom relief after just one treatment    Annual follow up treatment once a year

Approx. Three, 5 minute treatments every 6 weeks (depending on severity of your symptoms)

*we will determine with you if follow up treatments are required based on your personal symptoms*

Are you suffering from any of the following...?

  • Vaginal laxity

  • Vaginal dryness, redness or pain

  • Painful sex

  • Mild or stress-induced urinary incontinence that can lead to leaking

  • Recurring urinary tract infections, triggering sense of urinary urgency

  • Waking up at night to urinate

  • Pelvic pain and lichen sclerosis (a skin condition that affects the genital area)

How does it work?

Although menopause is a process every woman eventually experiences, painful intimacy doesn’t have to be a part of it. MonaLisa Touch®, offered at Women's Vita is a painless laser treatment designed to relieve postmenopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse in as few as three treatments. 

During menopause, whether it happens naturally, or is induced chemically or surgically, women's bodies change. Declining estrogen causes a variety of symptoms, many of which are painful. The MonaLisa Touch® treatment delivers gentle, virtually painless laser energy, stimulating a healing response. This results in increased moisture and lubrication in the vagina. 

  • In-office procedure, requires no anesthesia.

  • Minimal side effects.

  • No downtime.

  • Symptom relief after just one treatment.

  • Thousands of women successfully treated.

Majority of postmenopausal women will suffer from changes to their vaginal health. The degree of severity of these changes will vary from person to person. 

Patient Testimonials: 

"Four years ago, in April 2015. I was a dead woman walking. Then, I was quite literally one in a million. In exchange for my life, I had to sacrifice what being a woman was. What doctors first thought was ovarian cancer, turned out to be colon cancer. Colon cancer had destroyed one ovary and had begun to ravage the other. After removing a 2lb tumor and a colon resection, my remaining ovary was removed. I completed full chemotherapy and went through 3 surgeries while continuing to be a mother and a wife. Sex became painful. I had already done 18 months of pain during sex prior to my cancer diagnosis but this pain after all the surgeries was a different animal.

In 2017 vaginal discomfort became the normal and a way of life. By 2018, I knew I could not live like this indefinitely. It wasn’t worth fighting so hard to live if I was going to live with this pain forever. The pain continued to get worse. I began having symptoms of bladder and yeast infections on a constant basis even though I never had one. I felt like by body was going crazy on me. How do you explain this to a doctor?


I was sooo lucky to find Dr. Ana. I never hoped to dream that something as curing as the MonaLisa treatments existed. I was skeptical at first, but she saved my life and my marriage with this procedure. I lived through Stage 4 cancer, but I had a dead and lifeless vagina that was causing constant pain. My quality of life has changed completely. "

- Women's Vita Medical Patient, January 2019

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