Vaginal/Vulvar Laser Treatment


 Vaginal laxity || Vaginal dryness, redness or pain || Painful sex || Mild or stress-induced urinary incontinence that can lead to leaking || Recurring urinary tract infections, triggering sense of urinary urgency || Waking up at night to urinate || Pelvic pain and lichen sclerosis (a skin condition that affects the genital area)

MonaLisa Touch® is a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment to restore feminine health.

•  In office procedure  •  Requires no anesthesia  •  Minimal side effects  •  No downtime •  Symptom relief after just one treatment  •  Annual follow up treatment once a year

Approx. Three, 5 minute treatments every 6 weeks (depending on severity of your symptoms)

*we will determine with you if follow up treatments are required based on your personal symptoms*



During menopause, whether it happens naturally, or is induced chemically or surgically, women's bodies change. Declining estrogen causes a variety of symptoms, many of which are painful. The MonaLisa Touch® treatment delivers gentle, virtually painless laser energy, stimulating a healing response. This results in increased moisture and lubrication in the vagina. ​​

Although menopause is a process every woman eventually experiences, painful intimacy doesn’t have to be a part of it. MonaLisa Touch®, offered at Women's Vita is a painless laser treatment designed to relieve postmenopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse in as few as three treatments. 


Majority of postmenopausal women will suffer from changes to their vaginal health. The degree of severity of these changes will vary from person to person. 


Women's Vita Medical Patient, January 2019

Four years ago, in April 2015. I was a dead woman walking. Then, I was quite literally one in a million. In exchange for my life, I had to sacrifice what being a woman was. What doctors first thought was ovarian cancer, turned out to be colon cancer. Colon cancer had destroyed one ovary and had begun to ravage the other. After removing a 2lb tumor and a colon resection, my remaining ovary was removed. I completed full chemotherapy and went through 3 surgeries while continuing to be a mother and a wife. Sex became painful. I had already done 18 months of pain during sex prior to my cancer diagnosis but this pain after all the surgeries was a different animal.

In 2017 vaginal discomfort became the normal and a way of life. By 2018, I knew I could not live like this indefinitely. It wasn’t worth fighting so hard to live if I was going to live with this pain forever. The pain continued to get worse. I began having symptoms of bladder and yeast infections on a constant basis even though I never had one. I felt like by body was going crazy on me. How do you explain this to a doctor?


I was sooo lucky to find Dr. Ana. I never hoped to dream that something as curing as the MonaLisa treatments existed. I was skeptical at first, but she saved my life and my marriage with this procedure. I lived through Stage 4 cancer, but I had a dead and lifeless vagina that was causing constant pain. My quality of life has changed completely. "

Women's Vita Medical Patient, March 2019

I am 60 years old.  When I was 23 years old I contracted Cervical Cancer.  I was with the man that would become, and now is my husband. At the time I was full of fear that mine was going to be a life cut short.  I was fortunate to have a wonderful Gynecologist who said that while he would remove my uterus he would leave my ovaries in tact.  He explained it as if you were to break your finger you would not cut off the arm.  The Doctor was pleased at the surgery and no further treatment was required.  My life resumed to normal, I married and enjoyed a good life.


As I got into my early fifties, I noticed a change in my vagina,  I was far less moist and intercourse became painful for me and also for my husband.  I tried numerous lubrication products but the lubrication disappeared as soon as applied.  My skin was getting really thin and papery.  Not long after this I had my first ever bladder infection and was told by my Doctor that it was because I had vaginal atrophy. 


By the time I was 60 I had been without having a monthly period for 37 years and although I had no way of knowing when I started menopause I think that the Hysterectomy at 23 had brought it on very early.

I am enough of a modern woman to know that I am much more than an arousement factor for a man but all to quickly I was feeling that my sexuality, cleanliness and overall health were being threatened.  I had been offered hormone pills and foams by a male Doctor even though he was aware that I had had cancer.  After turning down this ridiculous offer I started to feel somewhat despondent.


Late last year I saw an advertisement for the Mona Lisa Touch treatment, I cried when I read it as it was addressing all the issues that were affecting me.  There was a sensible solution, and to make things better yet, it was being administered by a female Doctor, none other than the wonderful Dr. Ana Enriquez.

I managed to come up with enough money and booked my first treatment.  From the first of my treatments, my bladder stopped being overly active, I could make it through the night most nights.  I could also plan my days so that I wasn’t in constant search of a bathroom.  This was real freedom.


On bath nights I would notice that my skin was getting plumper and yes sensation was returning as well.  There are a lot of things we buy to feel better, clothes, haircuts etc.  but there is nothing more rewarding than to feel your body working as it once did and the affect this has on our well being.


Thank you Women’s Vita for all that you do"

Women's Vita Medical Patient, January 2019

I met Dr.  Ana through my work... helping business market themselves throughout radio and digital advertising. Learning more about what the MonaLisa Touch does for women I knew it was right for me.  

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Level 3 breast cancer. Treatment was 6 rounds of chemotherapy in Nanaimo, 3 weeks apart, plus 4 weeks of radiation Monday to Friday in Victoria, 5 years of Tamoxifen. I was 47 years old when I started treatment. As we know, chemo will send one into menopause. I felt at this time that this was the least of my concerns, surviving treatment was my first concern and I did it. 

Menopause in many ways has been easy, hot flashes - nope, weight gain - nope, vaginal dryness, itching, burning and painful intercourse - yes. And that is an understatement. I had discussed shortly after cancer treatment with my doctor and was told "that's life, try K-Y gel and other lubricants". I could not take hormones. Daily lubricants are yucky, K-Y gel is cold and can take the excitement of being sexually aroused to an end, needless to say this part of our relationship has suffered. 

In learning more from Dr. Ana, I decided to invest in myself and my marriage, as I knew this will improve our over all relationship and my vaginal health. Due to the severity of vaginal dryness I have had 4 treatments and looking at an additional 2. I have already experienced moisture and lubrication, I am very happy with the results. If you want a healthy and active sex life, I recommend trusting Dr. Ana, Kassidy and MonaLisa Touch"

Women's Vita Medical Patient, February 2019

I strongly believe that the journey I have taken with Dr. Enriquez and Kassidy has saved my life. I have always struggled with weight issues. I began unhealthy eating habits, which lead me to taken my body for granted. Last year, I started coming to Women's Vita. Dr. Enriquez introduced me to the Keto Diet! Keto helped me cleanse me of emotional and impulsive eating. 

Since January, I have lost over 30 lbs! My energy and physical capacity has increased greatly. My self confidence is blooming! Dr. Enriquez and Kassidy have stuck by me during this transformation. It feels amazing to have medical professionals who will stand with you in your corner. 

I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis around 7 years ago. I was referred to Dr. Enriquez last year for my routine exam and to see if my skin condition had declined. I was shocked that my case was much further along then anticipated. I did not think I would have to deal with it's progression for many more years. (I was wrong).

With the quick response at Women's Vita; I had my first MonaLisa Touch treatment the next day! The outcome after the first treatment was amazing! The results kept getting better with each session. The painful and irritating sensations that I was previously experiencing no longer had me in discomfort. The MonaLisa Touch has helped me with my personal relationships. I could not have asked for a better team then at Women's Vita. As someone who lives with high anxiety and depression I can breathe knowing my health will be taken very seriously. To feel supported, not only in words, but actions, I now have hope for a healthier and happier future. "